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Ballet Dancer

About Us

Our Philosophy

Dynamic, Creative, Unique

3 words that highlight everything we are about.

An incredible team: lucky enough to be able to transform our passion into our livelihood.


About Our Namesake: Hazel Cleaver


Grandmother of the current principal, Hazel was the principal of this extremely successful dance school for over 40 years. As Miss Great Britain, a reknowned contortionist and a regular member of multiple well known double acts, Hazel was one of the best in the business. Not only for her work but for what she gave to everyone she taught. Her passion and enthusiasm for dance was second to none. She quite literally lived and breathed dance. She has taught hundreds of children to dance and passed on her knowledge over the years. Of which we all are extremely grateful, she has created stars along the way and those who had met her were well aware of how lucky they were to have known her. Sadly, we lost Hazel in December 2009, but as she wished the school was passed onto her granddaughter to provide the same quality of teaching for many years to come. She left behind a host of great dancers and enormous shoes to fill and we spend everyday trying to be as great as she was.

About the Principal: Miss Lauren Stanton A.I.D.T.A. BA (Hons)

Born Birmingham, Trained in Theatrical dance since the age of 3. Trained by Hazel Cleaver, danced in competitions over the UK since 3 years old and now continues to organiser the annual Stage Dance Festival for West Midlands Dance Schools. Performed on TV, BBC, ITV, Travelled worldwide, both working and dancing.

About the Team:


We ensure our team are completely in love with dancing so that both children and parents feel they are fully involved in everything we do. We work together as partners to ensure all the children's needs are met and that the parent's wishes are brought to life.



Our Team

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Lauren Stanton

Samantha Depper

Karina Galloway

Callie Green

Nicola Clinton

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